March 7, 2012

Smoochy Face …

Go ahead. You can kiss the screen. You know you want to smooch that cute face. I do it. At least two hundred times a day.  And it is deliciously sweet.

Recently Mr. Owlie had his best chum Lucy over for a play date. It involved a dance party, some time on the slide, an episode of Curious George, creating with Play-doh and lunch.

I know many moms who hate Play-doh, but under the right conditions, I absolutely love it.  Especially over a hardwood floor where the tiny dropped pieces can dry up and be swept into the trash. I don’t care if colors get mixed. I only care that the lids are on tight so the doh doesn’t dry up.  My kids have all loved Play-doh.

Owlie loves it when I make a snake that he can cut up into slices.

Lucy chose the Play-doh that matched the flower on her shirt. What a stylish little lady!

And guess what?  She wanted to smooch that sweet face too. Go figure.

How about you? Are you pro or anti-Playdoh?

{PS. They are TOTALLY getting married.}


Apis Melliflora said...

Pro dough. Even now, we all like to play with it.

I'm anti Pixos and Moonsand.

Glitter is for grown-ups.

The Queen Vee said...

I'm pro smooching, especially if it's Owlet. Look how cute those two kiddos are.... just think, you can embarrass them with this photo in about 8 years.

Who doesn't love playing w/clay? I think that makes me pro Playdoh

Kasey said...

So fun and cute! Hmmm, I am not a huge fan of playdough, but I know the kids enjoy it.

LJB said...

Definitely Pro play dough. Even I like to squish it and mold it and create with it! And I am definitely pro smooching! Nothing better than a smooch from someone you love!

squeezeme said...

Definately Pro dough! And pro clay, especially bake-able clay. So many fun possibilities. We like to purchase playdough for the fabulous color options but we also enjoy making our own dough.

Owlie + Lucy = Adorable

Aiketa said...

You are right! Before starting reading your post I stopped for a while looking at Owlie's pic! Examining that sweet face... The conclusion is that he is really really cute and that he is growing so quickly!

I just hope that the day we meet he is not a teenager! ;)

And about the rest of the post, it's just adorable! And that last pic... even more adorable!!!

Ronalin said...

You know that it would be fun being grandmas to the same grandchildren! So, with the smooching going on between these two, I think we are on the right track. Love, love these two kids!

christy said...

I'm pro play-doh, Ryan not so much. I love that it keeps kiddos happily entertained for long periods of time.

Owlie is one cute kissable, little dude. He's growing up (boo-hoo).

The Queen Vee said...

You know what's really funny, they both have their eyes closed during the smooch.

The Lee Clan said...

like father like son!!!!!!!!