March 27, 2012

A Letter To My Future Son …

Dear Teenaged Owlie,

It’s a mom’s job to remind her son about important stuff. Since you’re a teenager now, I thought you could use a refresher on a couple of things.

This is Lucy. She is your best friend.  One day when you were two and a half, you were really mean to Lucy and made her cry. Do me a favor, teenaged Owlie:  Don’t do things that make girls cry.  Be a gentleman and think about the feelings of others. One day you’re going to marry Lucy and you won’t want to see her cry.


This is you working hard with your Dad.  When you were two and a half, you begged to go outside in the yard and work side by side with him.  Do me a favor, teenaged Owlie: Always be willing to work hard by your Dad’s side.  He has so much to teach you.

This is you outside enjoying freedom and using your imagination.  You are at your absolute happiest when you are doing this. Do me a favor, teenaged Owlie:  Don’t ever fill your body with substances that will take away your freedom and inhibit your God given ability to use your creativity and imagination.


This is you in the tubby, all fresh and new and sparkly clean.  Do me a favor teenaged Owlie: Do your best to stay clean.  Keep your mind clean.  Keep your language clean.  Keep your conscience clean. And know that through Jesus Christ, you can always be made clean again.

This is you and me eating lunch together and laughing because grapes make a cruchy noise and I finished my grilled cheese before you.  Do me a favor Owlie:  Spend time with me. Always know how much your momma loves you.  Know that you can always come to me for anything you need and I will be here for you.

I sure love you cute little boy handsome young man.

Love, Mom

PS. Could you just stop growing now?


brendag said...

Oh Samantha this post made me cry! Our oldest child, only son, is now 17 years old, and everything you said you want for your sweet Owlie I want for our son too. He is a good young man and is planning and preparing to serve a mission. It made to cry to see your adorable little guy and think back to when Zach was that little. Time is now going by so fast, I like you am trying to savor each day.

The Queen Vee said...

I hope/pray that all your desires for Owlet and his siblings are fullfilled.

squeezeme said...

Such a tender sweet note from a mama to her boy. Beautiful

Aiketa said...

What a lovely letter to Owlie!!! I loved it! And he one day, when he is becoming a teenager will be really happy to read it!

Aiketa said...

P.S: I love that last pic of you and Owlie. You both look more than great!!!

P.S2: Yes, he is growing way too fast! Every new picture of him, he is bigger than the previous one.

Meaja said...

I tell me kids to tell their bodies to STOP.GROWING.CAUSE.MOM.SAYS.SO. I too am trying to savor my munchkins (fresh 2 yr, 3 1/2 and newbie 7) as much as possible. It took too long to get them. Precious letter.

Apis Melliflora said...

What a touching letter. We have so many hopes and dreams for our children. Hope Big C reads it too....he's there now!

I remember writing a letter to my future teenaged child when I was but a where is that letter? Hmmm.

Ronalin said...

Thanks for being such an awesome example of loving motherhood and treasuring every minute. Because I love being a mom, I know I enabled Lucy's sleeping pattern a wee little bit, but is it bad that I loved her snuggling up to me in the middle of the night? Moments when I feel so much love and gratitude for my children overwhelm my joy as a mother. Time flies too fast and I love the comments you said about little Oliver. He is going to be a wonderful future man because you and Travis care so much.

lee kriel said...

beautiful. so sweet. and so true. every last word.

Aiketa said...

hahahahahha How cute is Owlie!!! His concentration on the second picture, and I imagine he was making machine noises made me smile ear to ear. Adorable!

(I couldn't help but comment again.)