March 26, 2012

Improvising …


{Photo by my brother’s Little Camera}

What do you do when you’ve hauled an extra table and six chairs into your kitchen and made enough food for fourteen people only to have your dinner guests call to tell you there house has been over taken by illness?

You improvise!

In our case, that meant an impromptu family dinner with cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandies.

Often we take for granted the fact that we live so close to family, but it is a great blessing in our lives.  When we are together with family there is laughter and teasing and smiles and loudness.  It is busy and bustling and chaotic.  But it is a favorite time for us.

My talented {albeit somewhat self-centered} brother Chris snapped this picture with his iPhone right before we sat down to eat.  He then proceeded to reduce us all to tears while telling tales of sharing The Birds & The Bees talk with his oldest son. I’m laughing about it right now while I type.

We then broke down The Hunger Games movie, made plans for General Conference and Easter weekend and oohed and ahhed over pictures of our newest baby niece.

I felt such satisfaction after a yummy dinner, three different desserts to choose from {I had some of each, thankyouverymuch} and quality visiting time with family. 

Our little moment of improvisation meant that I went to bed a very happy woman. And the recharge is just what I’m going to need to get through a week with the Hubby away and a calendar that is full to the brim.

Happy Monday!


Apis Melliflora said...

Fresh tulips, talk of birds and bees, three desserts and family...sounds perfect to me!

The Queen Vee said...

Photo Bro takes a great pic.

Sister Samantha makes a great dinner.

All the rest of us were well fed and happy.

Thanks to the family who got sick.

Aiketa said...

I really like the picture! I specially like how the light go through the water...

I really like family lunches and dinners. I did one also yesterday. One of my cousin wanted to introduce her new baby boy to the rest of the family. And we also had many dessert options: 3 different cakes and a fruit brochette. It was great!!!