March 11, 2012

For A Friend . . .

A few weeks ago when I made the Cowboy Caviar, I had a friend who was in a little funk. She was struggling with an aspect of her life that cannot currently be changed.  I wanted to do something, even though I couldn’t really do anything, so I packaged up some of the yummy treat for her and designed a label on the computer to finish it off. I just wanted her to know I was thinking of her.

I upcycled a clear food container from Jennie Doezie’s package.  I think I need to have a stash of these on hand.  How cute would they be with a few large cookies inside, or some colorful candy? And those chips are gorgeous in a cello bag.  They just scream “I’m good for you!”

Are you like me? Meeting emotional needs with food.  I can’t help myself.

PS. Thanks for all the well wishes! After a weekend of illness, Hannie B., The Hubby and I are feeling much better, but Big C woke up with the achy body and fever this morning, so we’re not in the clear yet. Praying for RedDog and Owlie to stay healthy. There is nothing worse than a sick baby.


Apis Melliflora said...

Great pick-me-up gift! Healthy, colorful and cleverly labeled! Hope it helped lift her spirits.

Bells said...

You are so thoughtful, I'm sure your friend will love this pick me up!

The Queen Vee said...

Blessed is the person who has you for a friend.

kathy said...


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