February 6, 2012

My Family Is My Valentine …

I have been feeling a little bummed lately by several comments I’ve read/heard declaring Valentine’s Day to be merely a commercial venture on the part of chocolate, card and jewelry stores to get consumers to spend money.

I’m not buying it.

I love Valentine’s Day because it is a time when I get to shower extra love and attention on my family. It is a chance for me to be obnoxious and blatant in my declarations of adoration and affection for my children. It is a chance for my Hubby and me to go on a special date where we hold hands and sit extra close just because we’re in love.

Should I do these things every day? Yep. You bet I should. But real life gets in the way a lot. We’re somewhat busy trying to keep our heads above water quite often. And I don’t always get to go above and beyond hugging and kissing on my people and telling them I love them.

On Valentine’s Day I make a special dinner for my family. I make cards for them. I write them notes and letters of appreciation and admiration.  There are sweet desserts for sweet people. And I go a little crazy with heart shaped décor.

I don’t do it because the chocolate, card or jewelry companies tell me to. And just to spite them, I don’t spend much money on their products. I do things with my own hands. I do it because I think Valentine’s Day is a great day for families. My family is MY valentine.

How about you? Are you pro or anti Valentine’s Day?  What do you to do celebrate? 

In the next week I’ll share a few projects I’ve been working on for Love Day.  I’ve got lots up my sleeve since I’m on a course of steroids right now and CANNOT sleep.  I am not loving that at all.

ps.  So fascinated by the “keen-wah” discussion last week. I will definitely be giving it another try.


Apis Melliflora said...

It is what you make of it...and your approach to Valentine's Day clearly comes from the heart.

For me, Valentines Day is a little island of love in the midst of a dreary winter. Granted, this year winter has been balmy and sunny. But we will still do something special.

The Queen Vee said...
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The Queen Vee said...

I'm all about the big V except for this year....need to rev up my enthusiasm pronto as it's just around the corner. I think for the first time in years the Valentines ARE NOT getting made.

The Lee Clan said...

We are happy that Our Sam is full of V-Day love. We have one of those beautiful garlands hanging in our humble little bedroom here in Laie, Hawaii. Thanks Sam for all the gifts we received. PS I'm eating only one cherry chocolate a day.

Aiketa said...

I must admit I've never been really fond of Valentine's Day. Here in Catalonia we have our own lovers day (April 23rd), so celebrating Valentine's Day is seen like if you don't like the tradition we have and also really really commercial thing. So, I never celebrated it.

Though, I must admit, that after reading some blogs for some years... I came to like Valentine's Day. Because yes, most of that blogs show the same as what you have said. A day to celebrate love with the people around you by doing kind and beautiful things for them, rather than buying things.

So, this kind of Valentine's Day I do like.

The Lee Clan said...
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