January 13, 2012

Are You A Player?

Of games, that is.

We are. But we're a bit competitive. And it's always better when the entire family can get involved.

We got a game for Christmas that even Owlie could play. It's called HeadBanz and as you can see, everyone get's to wear a headband with a card in it.  The object, of course, is to guess what you are through a series of yes or no questions.

In this round, the Hubby was a toaster. I think I might have been a turkey.  And my Owlie boy was an icecream cone, which he enjoyed immensely. I love that he's looking right at the camera. 

The only person who wasn't participating this night? Jennie Doezie! But she graciously caught our entire family in a moment of peace and pure fun.

Speaking of peace, remember our Family Motto for last year was "Be At Peace"? Well, we've unveiled our new family motto for the year.  I'll have more to share on that next week when my computer is back and I can download the photos. It was well recieved. And maybe it will be more well implemented than "Be At Peace." Which was a failure on many levels.

But family game night was fun. :)  Have a happy weekend!


Apis Melliflora said...

That looks like a really fun game. Must look for it.

We do game nights too. The only game I have a very low tolerance for is Candyland. I'm giving it one more year in our game cabinet.

TracyS. said...

We love family game night- I'll look for headbandz- I haven't played it in years and it's fun. If I can throw out a recommendation: our current favorite is Bang! (by DaVinci for 4-7 players) The kids get more excited about playing this game than the wii and for my kids that's really saying something!

Sue said...

Lily totally wants this game. Two fun ones she got for Christmas were Rory's Story Cubes and Rush Hour. They can both be played solo (awesome for car trips) or in a group. I think I play Rush Hour more than the kids do!

Emily said...

Sounds like a fun game! Cute picture! Did you get a new coffee table?

The Queen Vee said...

I'm a player. I love playing with you and your crew.

Aiketa said...

hahaha, sure Owlie is so cute looking at the camera!

I have played this game with just post-it papers and usually we write famous/historic characters. It's interesting and fun too. This is the cheap version of the game. ;)

AllisonK said...

What a fun game, we will have to check it out. It's hard to find something we can all play.

I am looking forward to your new motto. Peace would be a tough one around here.

Burton's blog said...

We love games also. We have been playing wacky six with every free minute since Christmas. We are also very competitve, and have actually drawn blood a few times! Game on!

Anonymous said...

I love family game night. We played Lego Ramses Pyramid. I'm 100% positive it's the most complicated unfun game in the universe. But the kids loved it. Next week I think we'll play UNO instead. That's the game where we turn into crazy loons.

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