August 1, 2011

Summer Is Perfect For . . .


A power blackout and candles.

Yesterday we had a freakishly quick and powerful storm sweep through our town.  Within fifteen minutes the sun disappeared, the rain and hail came down in sheets and our backyard looked like this:


In case you’re wondering, we don’t normally have a tree growing up our deck stairs.

Our power was out for about three hours and the kids were excited to get the candles out to light up the house as it got dark. Such an adventure!

Sometimes a power outage is just what the doctor ordered.  No TV.  No video games.  Just the family figuring out what to do without technology.

Once the round two of the storm cleared up, we spent the evening cleaning up the yard as a family.  Surprisingly enough, Mr. Owlie turned out to be the biggest helper.  That little man loves to work!

Now that the rain is out of the way, we’re ready for our Lemonade Stand today. More on that tomorrow!



Apis Melliflora said...

My winkies love blackouts too. So long as they are relatively short lived.

Hope you have a fantastic lemonade stand today. It's on our list too, so we're looking forward to your inspiration!

Tobi said...

I love the picture of the candles on your mantle. Very pretty!! We've had a few of those wild and out of the blue storms here too. No power outages...Yet. =)

The Queen Vee said...

I love a good thunderstorm but not one that breaks a lot of things. Looks like you had a wild and windy typoonagator. Glad everyone is okay and that you got to live by candle light for a few hours.