July 14, 2011

A Confession . . . Or Two!

I’m feeling the need to share some useless information.  Who’s in?  Whenever this little piece of pseudo graphic design pops up on the blog , get ready, because it means I’m in the mood to offer up one of the great hidden secrets of my life {insert complete sarcasm here}. So, here we go:


Today I feel like telling the world that I may or may not have


a few necklaces. 

That I hardly ever wear.

Up until a few weeks ago they were jumbled in a tangled mess at the bottom of a drawer.  Every time I’d go to get a necklace I would give up in frustration because I couldn’t extract it from the central nucleus.  So all these necklaces – many gifts from my Hubby – would not get worn.

Then I was at Home Goods recently looking for new couch pillows {fail} and found this sweet little bird jewelry hanger-majiggy.  It is now perched on a shelf in my bathroom.  And even though there’s a lot going on visually, I really like being able to see my necklaces out in the open, UNTANGLED.

I have now made a personal goal to accessorize more often from my collection of necklaces after admiring my friend Ronalin who ALWAYS has the perfect accessories with every outfit and looks so put together. That girl can make a white t-shirt look good with the right necklace!

There you have it. Me and my shamefully neglected necklace collection. How about you? How do you store your jewelry to keep it from becoming a bottom of the drawer mess?


brendag said...

LOVE the necklace holder!!! (and ALL the necklaces) I NEED to get one of those! I keep my earrings in a plastice bead sorter. It's not pretty but it does keep them together and not all over my bathroom counter or dresser anymore.

Erin said...

Major LOVE for this post! I too have many cute necklaces but the thought of digging for the perfect one to match my outfit as I scramble out the door makes me cringe. I think I need to pay a visit to Home Goods or TJ Marshalls (as my mom calls it) to find me a cute jewelry hanger :)

Anonymous said...

I say, now that your collection of adorable necklaces are at your finger tips, wear all of them at once in celebration of the great untangling!

The Queen Vee said...

That Linda is full of great ideas and so are you!

Kasey said...

That is a really cool necklace organizer!

Apis Melliflora said...

Great idea. Now you've got your own little Charming Charlies. Pree-Ty.