June 8, 2011

Letter To A Stranger . . .

Dear Stranger,

Ha Ha!  I get the joke.  It would be very funny to leave a turtle on the Lee’s doorstep.  Because they just got a rabbit.  And there’s that whole “Tortoise and the Hare” thing.

But seriously, two new pets in one week might be too many for this momma to handle.

And then there’s Owlie.  The little man is going to have a major fit when he realizes there is not just a bunny but also a turtle out back. He will demand to be outside with the animals twenty-four-seven.  Think of his safety.  Don’t you know it’s going to be in the 100’s today and tomorrow? This turtle needs to be resting in the shadows of a cool creek somewhere – not roasting on my back deck in a badly made turtle habitat.

So, dear stranger, it’s time to reveal yourself by breaking RedDog’s heart and coming to claim your turtle.  I’ll be waiting for you inside where there is A/C while I google “what to feed a turtle”.

Ever so fondly,


Ps. Turtle names anyone?


Apis Melliflora said...

The Lee Zoo keeps getting more and more interesting. Soon you'll have to charge admission.

About turtle names: Is the turtle a boy or a girl? And is it even possible to tell?

Kernal Ken said...

How about "Appetizer" as an accompaniment to the Queen's suggestion of "Dinner" for the rabbit?

The Queen Vee said...


Laura said...

My brother had a turtle too when we were growing up. He named it Mr. T (it was the 80's after all). Then I discovered many years later when my brother was on his mission in AZ, that it was actually a girl. I had gotten a book out from the library and you can tell the difference in gender by the length of the tail (at least for the type of turtle we had). He then wrote back with a new name, but I don't recall what it was. We called her T-baby.

The Queen Vee said...

I bet Soren hated to go to school this morning, he'll be thinking about that turtle all day today.

The Nerd Mom said...



BTW, are you sure it is someone's pet? I have box turtles in my yard all the time (I'm constantly saving them from the dog this time of year). They are endangered, so take good care of him!

christy said...

Seeing as you're not planning to keep the turtle, how about "Adios"? Seems fitting to me.

squeezeme said...

Hilarious! Kernal Ken you are cracking me up! I'll bring you home some escargot and then you'll have a full meal!

Aiketa said...

The good thing here is that I think is really easy to take care of a turtle, isn't it?

Nice surprise someone gave you, knowing you are not a pet enthusiast!

P.S: Have you decided the rabbit's name?