May 9, 2011

What Spring Means . . .


Spring for this little fellow means we’re seeing a whole lot more of this face. This face is the “I’m into all sorts of mischief, I’m totally getting caught and you’d better believe I’m getting away with it anyway” face.  I can’t help but bust up laughing every time he pulls this face – especially when it’s covered with bruises and chocolate chip cookie.

Here’s what the Owlie is into and up to lately:


He spends a lot of time at this window longing to be outside. For the most part, I let him out in our fenced yard to roam around and find sticks or rocks. Can you see what’s got his interest?


Goggles! Everyone got a new pair for the upcoming swim season. Ollie wore his for four hours and had suction marks around his eyes all through dinner. Classic.


Arts and crafts with Hannie B. The weather has made for perfect days out at the picnic table to draw with markers and reckless abandon.


His first major haircut came just in time on Saturday. My boy was two days away from a serious mullet.  He sat still for approximately two minutes and now he looks like a boy instead of a baby. I may or may not have cried a little while picking up little clumps of fluffy white hair from the deck.


And finally, the sandbox.  He loves it. He digs, he plays trucks, he dumps half the sand out of the box.  It is a little boy’s dream.


So, that’s what’s keeping Owlie boy happy and busy this Spring.  It’s so crazy what a difference a year makes.  Last Spring I was holed up in the house with a baby.  This Spring my baby is a boy and we’re out in the yard, at the park and meeting with little friends. He is a joy and we’re loving Spring!

How’s your Spring going?


Aiketa said...

I love when kids are at this stage and it is possible to see their personality.

How precious is the picture of Owlie with goggle! So cute, and even more cute that he wore them for four hours.

Sure he is growing so fast. Lately I've seen an important change in him through pictures.

My spring is going so so so well. Good weather and lots of theatre plays. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I performed with my theatre group the play "The Learned Ladies" by Molière and it was a complete success. I am so happy!

But from now on, I should start studying for my final exams. Spring will not be fun during that.

Apis Melliflora said...

It is so great to be outside before those summer temps hit. The yard is all potential. The kids are joyful. Spring = promise and beauty at every turn.

Owlet, you are so kids can't wait to get their hands on you.

AllisonK said...

That first photo is WONDERFUL! What a personality.

Your yard looks very inviting and lush. Maybe someday I will come and visit.

The Queen Vee said...

Love that kid, especially when he wears goggles.

Tobi said...

The goggles picture is priceless. I'm pretty sure I cried too the first time Alec got a big boy haircut. Man how time flies. Can you believe we are baptizing our June baby boys this year? YIKES!!