May 26, 2011

To You {You Know Who You Are} . . .

I feel like giving you a hug in return for the virtual one you gave me yesterday.  Since I can’t actually hug you, I am calling you out by name:

  • Apis, Happy Birthday dear sister.  You always brighten my day with your witty comments and your white legs.
  • Erin, Reading at work is totally legit! And my Hubby can attest that a freckle tan is where it’s at.
  • Christy, You Rock!  Stay away from tornadoes and keep in touch. We love our Wilson connection.
  • MBR, You are my hero for being a mom to five kids.  Enjoy your beach trip!
  • Janelle, I hope your teachers love their sweets and the mosquitoes stay away from your sweet blood this summer!
  • Anderson Zoo, I can’t wait till you live here.  We are going to Par-Tay.
  • Hubby, I can’t even talk about how great you are without crying.
  • Nikki, Thank you for the perspective of gratitude for a busy calendar.  I’m adopting it.
  • Stacey, Long time friends are the best. You are no exception.
  • Christa, Thanks for the leg tip.  I am officially off of black shoes for the summer! And grace is what’s getting me through!
  • Meaja, Beautiful woman, you also ROCK at what you do.
  • Queenie Mom, Only you could bring PMS to my blog and I love you for it.  I also love you for being one of my biggest cheerleaders.
  • Allison, Mutual Adoration Society. You know what I’m talking about.
  • Anonymous, Thanks for the call out.  You are right. I am reevaluating why it is that I blog.  Needed that reminder.
  • Terry & Sadie, Thank you for speaking up.  And ps. I adore the name Sadie.
  • Aiketa, You know I’ve adopted you as my Spanish sister, right?
  • Tracy, It’s so fun to have a local gal in my corner!
  • Tracie, Man, I miss you.  Why’d you have to go move to Germany and have a fabulous European experience?
  • BrendaG., Us white legged girls have to band together.  Don’t people know about skin cancer? ;)
  • Jessie, I’m coming to Utah this summer for a wedding.  And I will be making a stop to see you.  I need it.
  • Nerd Mom, Why is that your name when you are so incredibly cool?
  • Tobi, Mucho love coming your way cousin.  Thanks for always putting in a good word on my blog.  It’s a highlight for me.
  • Squeeze Me, Your comment most of all put my right in my place, tantrum and all.  Remind me how it is that you are so wise and two years younger than me?
  • Jennifer, My kitchen is messy way more than sometimes.  So glad to hear you and I are in the same life stage. For reals. :)
  • KitKat, More family memories coming your way!  Thanks for reminding me that is what’s important.
  • Kasey, Can I trade my four day beach trip for your trip to Hawaii? Sounds like it was a recharge for sure.

Now give yourselves a hand and a pat on the back.  I was feeling low yesterday and each one of you took a second to build me up.  This was not a test – it was my real life and you are builders and I feel so very loved. 

Have a great weekend with family and friends!


Apis Melliflora said...

You are a really good thank you note writer. I'm so glad you're feeling uplifted. Now that your tank is full, go have fun at the beach.

Margy said...

I was out at a meeting all day yesterday, so I missed your post, but I'm SO glad that the other readers were here to lift you up! I rarely comment, but I read your blog religiously. I'm honestly surprised the IT department at work hasn't blocked me from viewing it! I'm a working mom to one little one year old near your hometown and you absolutely amaze me. I don't know how you juggle everything that you do, but it inspires me every time things get crazy in my life. In fact, I'm not one for words (which is why I rarely comment), but I used to be crazy about photography and you inspired me to tackle the photo a day for a year blog. I've made it 145 days so far!

Long story short, I hope you continue doing what you do. I love it and am here reading it EVERY day! Enjoy your beach trip!

Burton's blog said...

You will all have a wonderful time at the beach regardless of all of the unfinished things left behind. May is a stressful month for me with a million school activities wrapping up, music concerts, summer sports starting, etc. and I can't even begin to think of planning a vacation. You are awesome, and even awesome people get overloaded. Take a deep breath and soak in some vitamin D and you will love June!

Christa said...

Thanks for the heartfelt [hug] feel'in it. So glad you feel better too. Now..... start packing for that awesome beach family vacation. Lucky you!!

The Queen Vee said...

I wish you'd write all of my thank you notes, I've got 7 waiting to be written sitting on my desk.

You're good!

Mrs. Mitchell said...

Hi Sam! This is Kelli, an ol' pal from your Hinckley Hall Days at BYU! You probably don't remember me. I just wanted you to know that I read your blog every day that you write. Your words speak to my heart nearly every day. Please don't quit blogging. I'm sorry I've never posted. It's all I can do just to get the minute to read it and get the lift I need to keep going. You are an inspiration! I'm so grateful and blessed to say, "I knew her when..." :) Keep doing what you do! You have a gift! You are touching lives you don't even know about! P.S. I've been trying to be a builder of women myself, thanks to your inspiration.

Aiketa said...

And my family in the USA is growing everyday... Love it!
Thanks for your thank you note, and I love the picture!
I am so happy that you are happy again so you will enjoy your vacation to the beach at the most.

I hope we could meet in real life some day! And I think we will. :D

Anonymous said...

Mercy, the one day that I did not begin with "Dragonfly" was your crisis day. Where was I! I love your blog, Sam. But, I love YOU more. I love you for wearing your heart on your sleeve. It's healthy and an example we all should follow. Yeah. Let's tell everyone just how we feel this weekend. That ought to rock the world and set a few things straight. All too often we girls think we have to tough it out . . . nonesense. Do take break, if it helps or at the very least, minimize. Have fun at the beach. Breath deeply. To me, it always seems that you are smiling and you absolutely do put a smile on my face. Hugs, Linda

AllisonK said...

I know and you know. It's perfect!
Hope you are having a great time at the beach.

Suzy J said...

I also missed you t post. I wanted to let you know that We don't even know each other and you are a trusted friend on the side of my blog. Just a click away to motivate and inspire and help me with cute ideas! (My kids teachers think I AM AMAZING!) :) I wish I could post a comment on all things. My computer connection is slow and iffy at best. I have all ready done this 2 other times and I am hoping this one sticks! Just a quick note so you know you are loved and prayed for and laughed with by me, a girl in L.A. you have never met. Thank you for all you do for me. Please please please keep it up. Even the post that you were feeling yucky helped me. Thank you thank you thank you! Suzy J

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the shout out. I feel like a dork for missing it. I'm happy to build you up. Anytime.