May 6, 2011

On Fridays . . .


It’s Friday and I feel so happy I could fly like my baby!  This picture makes me happy for so many reasons. The exposed belly button.  The tiny Converse All-Stars. The laughing smile on the little face.  Ahhhh…

Friday means I get the next two days with my Hubby. It’s better when he’s around.

This Friday means my two nephews will be with us overnight while my brother and sis-in-law ride their bikes 100 miles.  ONE HUNDRED MILES. That’s crazy talk. 

This Friday in May means only one more day until I wake up to a delicious breakfast I didn’t make and get showered with love and appreciation by my doting children.  Are you prepared to thank your mommas?

This Friday in May also marks only three more weeks until we head to the beach in Delaware for our annual Memorial Day Weekend getaway!  I am white.  And chubbers. And the water is going to be very cold.  But it is going to be awesome!

What do you love about Fridays?


The Queen Vee said...

Gosh, I didn't realize until i read your post that it was Friday.

Apis Melliflora said...

Man, that Owlie really can fly.

Fridays are my favorite too:
black leotard with pink tights
french bakery croissant
estate sale treasure hunting
dinner on the grill
staying up late.

But most of all, that combined feeling of anticipation and relaxation. That's a great feeling.

christy said...

Wow, Ollie can really get air. If Claire gets too high her face always has that terrified look and she says "scary!" I love that he looks so happy so high in the air. Darling. I love Friday because today is the father and son camp out my darling 4 year old has been looking forward to all week long while the girls and I roast our own s'mores in the backyard.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I love that very occasionally we get to sleep in just a little on Saturday. Not tomorrow, or last week, or any foreseeable week in the future - but it's there, I just know it!!
Have fun at the beach my friend.

Kasey said...

That my hubby will be around. That we can spend some time together as a family.

Tobi said...

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. So I love this Friday. And I didn't even make that up. I read it in the Newspaper. For Reals. =)

AllisonK said...

Fridays are my favorites as well. I miss my children when they are gone all week. John's nice too!

TracyS. said...

No homework!!! That means more time to relax with the kids!