May 13, 2011

Friday + Randomness = Awesome . . .


This is his “cheese” face.  This is also why we don’t ever use the phrase “say cheese.”  I wish he were this happy today. Instead, he has green goop coming out of both eyes and is terrified of me because I have the eyedrops to fix it. Pinning a baby down = no fun.

But it’s Friday and there are good things happening around here.  It’s your lucky day because I’ve got some classic Dragonfly randomness for you:


Look who decided to be born right next to our fence.  Five baby bunnies crammed into one little hole.  I’m happy to report that all five successfully hopped off into the big wide world this week.


This was the most delicious palm sized strawberry. Ever.


It’s a drum. It’s a stool. It makes great noise when he’s scooting it across the floor. It’s my food storage and Owlie is all over it.


He insists on doing this together. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We might just start to have an over-watering problem on our hands. Yet I can’t seem to say no.


And finally, this picture has me going crazy happy for two reasons–first, the way my baby’s face looks when he’s sucking on a straw and second, the fact that the hot redhead next to him is coming home today after being gone for a week.

Because the truth is this: I’m pretty much a hot mess of a mother/woman/person without him. The end.

Happy Friday!


christy said...

Oh my goodness! The picture of you and Ollie watering is terrific--one of my new favorites of yours. So glad you're making the extra effort to get yourself in more photos. It kinda stinks sometimes to always be the one behind the camera. Glad we'll get to see your face more. :)

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm with Christy...that watering picture is so precious. I'm so glad that guy on the bench is coming home. I don't know how you do it!

Emily said...

I'm glad your red head is coming home. Yea!

TracyS. said...

Those last two photos are heart melting! Glad you'll be together again!

Sue said...

Way to work that tripod! You and Owlie make a dynamic gardening duo! (And holy cow! It's so green there! We don't even have leaves on our trees yet.)

Aiketa said...

Like other comments, I love the picture of you and Owlie watering the plants. So, so sweet.
Your kids will be happy to have more pictures with you on it.

tktakesphotos said...

Hooray for husbands coming home! I'm happy for you. (I still have three more months to go. BOO!) And I love all your randomness. Keep it coming.