April 18, 2011

A Late {Early} Start . . .


It’s Monday morning. Please indulge me while I do a little mind dump.

  • Someone in my neighborhood butchered a curly willow tree and left the trimmings on the curb.  I stole as many as I could fit in my car.  They make for a great Easter Tree.
  • Spoke in church this weekend with my Hubby. It was awesome.  Did you know that Mormons don’t have paid clergy who preach the sermon each Sunday?  Instead the congregants speak on selected topics.
  • We have a neighborhood Easter egg hunt in twenty minutes.  That’s why I’m getting a late start on blogging today – because I got an early start at Target this morning to buy eggs and candy which I swear I am NOT going to eat.
  • My love/hate relationship with The Boyfriend Cookies continues.  I love them because they are so delicious.  I hate them because they contain so much butter. Wait, I think I love them because they contain so much butter. The Hubby requested them yesterday.  Now he’s at work and I’m left with the cookies.  Dang it.
  • I hate that I’ve gained 12 pounds this winter and I need to exercise. I think I hate to exercise.
  • It’s Spring Break.  All my kiddoes are with me.  I love it when they are home.  And I am being serious.  We have secret plans to whisk them away to somewhere special tomorrow and Wednesday.  It involves a hotel with a pool and free breakfast.  They will be in heaven.  It doesn’t take much to make my kids happy.
  • My littlest sis-in-law is getting married!  This is such happy news for our family.  She’s found an amazing guy and he is really lucky because she’s more than fantastic.
  • Speaking of fantastic, I delivered a bunch of little chickie cards to great women this weekend.  And this is what I know: making others feel good feels really good to me!
  • Upstairs/Downstairs on Masterpiece Theater.  Is anyone watching besides me?  I am addicted to British Period pieces.
  • Flannel sheets are coming off the beds today.  Slipcovers are getting washed.  It’s time for Spring to really do its thing. I need warmer weather now.
  • That is all.


Happy Monday!  I’ll be back on Thursday.


Apis Melliflora said...

Remembering spring break last year. Hope you have fantastic weather and good times this week!

With swim suit season around the corner, I feel your buttery goodness cookie pain. Too tempting.

Aiketa said...

"The Hubby requested them yesterday. Now he’s at work and i’m left with the cookies. Dang it."

Have a wonderful vacation with all your family and Happy Easter!

And sure you and your husband gave an interesting speach.

The Queen Vee said...

I pretty much agree or concur with all that you wrote today except for the word Hate. I'm trying not to use that word except for really, really bad evil awful things. It just me, I'm not correcting you but you can correct me if I use the word hate.

The Dragonfly said...

You're right mom - I don't hate exercising. It's more of a strong dislike. But saying I have a love/dislike relationship with something sounds weird. Ah well!

Dan and Bec said...

Hi Sam, you've inspired me to make some yummy cookies. It is always so fun to read your blog and catch-up on your life. You are a great writer, funny and uplifting!! Emily still has the poem your family gave her for her wedding hanging up in her home. (I think it was your family, or maybe just your parents, I think your Dad wrote it. Anyways, YOU GOT TALENT!) One of these days I'd love to come your way and see you and your cute family!

Laura said...

All I have to say is only 12 lbs.? Ha...I've got you beat! :)

I just told my hubby that I'm going to stop drinking pop/soda except for a rare occurrence now and then. I've been drinking more water; now if only I could work up the motivation for exercising...