April 4, 2011

Follow Through . . .


I’m really good at folding laundry, but horrible at putting it away.

I rock when it comes to brushing my teeth, but hate to floss.

I think about exercising constantly, but rarely actually do it.

I love to start new house projects, but am so slow to finish them.

I enjoy cooking in my kitchen, but loathe the cleanup.

I crave sleeping in my bed but despise making it in the morning.

I delight in making a list, but never quite “to do” all that’s on it.

I adore decorating for holidays, but think the take-down is lame-o.

I dream up fun photoblog ideas, but totally forget to take pictures.


It is apparent to me that I have a bit of a problem with following through. I want to change this about myself.  My teeth, my kitchen and my jiggly bum will thank me.

Not looking for sympathy or gratuitous strokes here.  Just stating the facts to make myself accountable.


Apis Melliflora said...

I hear ya, sista!

Feel the same way myself. Follow through issues with a whole bunch of stuff:

Painting projects
Water drinking
Play date scheduling
Menu planning

I know some of these things don't take a lot of time. And I should just do it. Still, I wouldn't mind having a day-to-day life coach by my side to cheer me on and steer me in the realm of more productive.

Kernal Ken said...
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The Queen Vee said...

Maybe this follow through problem is genetic...ya think?

NovelTeaMommy said...

I can give an AYE to all but the folding and cooking :) Great motivation to start stuff, but something always seems to come up before completion :) I usually 'hire' a friend to come kick my butt when I really need to get something done and can't seem to do it!

MelancholySmile said...

Aw man, this post is reminding me that I have a bed to make and a hallway to paint...

Good luck changing, and give me some tips when you figure it out, mkay?

Jessie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loathes cleanup and putting away laundry, etc. There are sooo many things I get lazy with, maybe it has something to do with having sooo many things to do. I just get tired.

One thing I am good at though is exercising...it has an enormous payoff for me: sanity and well-being.

Aiketa said...

Just yesterday a professor told us that there is a technique used frequently by family doctors which consist in: making the patient say which illness he/she has, explain what does that implies...
This is usually used when you want a patient to quit smoking for example.

So, you dear Dragonfly have accomplished the first step in this technique, which is knowing what you want to change... so now the rest will be easier.

Just one suggestion about exercise. Join a gym or something similar (knowing you are paying will make you go there (this is my case)) or have someone to do the workout with. I am so very bad at this too... and I have realised that I only really do exercise when one of this things is implied. Hope that helps.

Susan said...

I think we are related! We should start meeting at the gym again.