April 8, 2011

Big Time Profanity Word!

I try to keep it real here on this blog.  Yesterday I posted lovely pictures of my perfectly organized basement.  I had big plans after posting the craft room to paint the playroom.

So I went down in that basement, got a good start on painting and then swore like a sailor when this happened:


That is half a gallon of silvery blue latex paint spilled on the carpet as the result of one Dragonfly tumbling off a stool. If you’re wondering, yes, there was a dropcloth down – I rolled it up to contain even more of the spilled paint.

My shoe, which was the actual bucket tipper, now looks more like a Croc than a leather walking shoe.


Oh how I swore.  And if you know me, you know that that is not my style AT ALL.  I hate profanity!  Not one of my better moments.

I am happy to report that I had our favorite carpet cleaners on the phone within minutes of this happening.  They showed up within an hour and were able to get all of the paint out of the carpet.  Miracle!  A tip for future paint spills: clean up as much as you can squeegee style then put a damp white cloth over the spill to keep it damp until the carpet cleaner gets there.

So there you have it.  A great big dose of Dragonfly reality. Now the playroom is only half painted.  I have to go get more paint today to finish the job.  Lovely.  I should be locked up and prevented from attempting house projects!  Hope your weekend is profanity free!

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Apis Melliflora said...

Happy to know that your accident left no permanent mark!

Only a one letter difference between paint and pain.
Coincidence? I think not.

AllisonK said...

Glad to know you are human and that all the paint came out (that is huge).

Boan Rubalcava said...

What swear word did you say? I guess I shouldn't ask. Glad you are ok though! I'm sure the whole project will turn out great!

squeezeme said...

I so happy the paint came out of your carpet...but what about your darling shoe? I'm sad about that one for you.

The longer I'm a mother the more hells and damns escape my lips, but of course when the children are all tucked in bed sound asleep when I am recounting the day to my hubby!

Yikkes, "Behold your little ones" comes to mind....more to repent of!

brendag said...

So glad the paint all came up! I hope you post pictures when you are done painting! We all love to see your house and be inspired!

Kernal Ken said...

I need to know your carpet cleaning miracle worker. There are things worse than split milk; how wonderful it is that there was someone out there who could come to your rescue.

The Queen Vee said...

That was me not the Kernal.

The Queen Vee said...

That would be spilt milk not slipt milk. I think 3 strikes and I'm out.

Bells said...

and this is why i don't attempt painting projects!
I love how you feather your nest and you always inspire me in so many ways. I'm glad your carpet was not ruined.