April 12, 2011

About That Work Ethic . . .


We like to train ‘em up when they’re young here at our house.  Ollie is already throwing all of his own diapers away and using a Swiffer duster, a broom and the vacuum on a regular basis.  I can hardly stand it when he says “Bacuum!”. It’s seriously endearing.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised then, when we headed out in the lovely eighty degree weather a few days ago to spruce up a new push bike I found for Ollie at a tag sale and the little fellow would not be satisfied until he had a sponge of his own so he could help with the work.

I had to snap a few photos because his baby work ethic was so darned strong.  And because he was killing me with his little cargo hat and new Converse All Stars.


Now if only I could get the older three to pitch in this easily!

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Aiketa said...

These pictures are so sweet! Converse on little feet are so adorable.
What about working, at my house has always been the same. Since my sister and I were really young our parents made us help with all kind of chores. I think this is the way children learn to integrate work and helping at home.

Have a great day, Dagronfly!

Apis Melliflora said...

Those little converse sneakers are totally photo-worthy and so is that squeeky clean worker boy.

In 80 degree weather, I would be out there with soapy water too!

The Queen Vee said...

I could use a good worker/helper big or small, send that converse wearing cutie to my house ASAP.

Angelique said...

I love the use of the pink hospital barf tub. I have a few of those leftover from my many hospital stays and they make great little tubs for soaking the feet when giving myself a pedicure and also plastic grocery bags are a perfect liner for when you actually do use it as a barf bucket at home : )

Bells said...

Ollie is so cute and I love his little shoes!

Anonymous said...

Ollie is too darn cute washing his bike in his smashing new attire. I'm so glad that he is such a happy helperton. =)

Susan said...

Seriously loving these pictures! Little converse sneakers are just the cutest :)