March 14, 2011

Weekend Awesomeness . . .


This weekend was epic.  So much awesomeness occurred that I have to document it.  The awesomeness included, but was not limited to, the following:

  • My teenager coaching a bunch of old guys in a charity basketball game.  He looked so cool in his white shirt and tie on the sidelines with his hands on his hips and a look of concern on his face when his team was down.  They went on to win the game in the end.  We all won, if a winner must be declared, because four hundred people came out to raise money to fight cancer.  AWESOME.
  • My Hubby playing in the game.  He’s fun to watch. And I love whistling at him and yelling his name like a maniac without seeming like a total weirdo. Yeah, I’m awesome like that.
  • My family returning to health.  After two straight weeks of illness, we were all finally able to sit together in church yesterday with only a drippy nosed baby as evidence of past illness.  Hallelujah and awesome!
  • The sun shining.  And kids outside playing while tulips and daffodils are poking their heads out through the ground.  It’s coming people.  Spring is around the corner and it’s going to be AWESOME!
  • A package from the famous Jennie Doezie.  It was so AWESOME it’s going to get its own post tomorrow!  She is a genius, that’s all I’m saying for now.
  • Watching the BYU-New Mexico game on Friday night.  Mr. Fredette scoring 52 points . . . wow.  Just awesome.
  • Seeing a woman at church give a Builder Bucket {with one of MY TAGS!} to another woman.  So awesome! Made her day.  Made my day too!
  • Watching the Amazing Race with my Hubby last night when suddenly we had to put the TV on mute because we heard a conversation upstairs {mind you, it’s almost 11:00 and our kids have been asleep for two hours}.  We ran up to Hannie B’s room and got to view her having a minute long conversation with someone IN HER SLEEP. It was the most awesome thing ever and I’m still laughing about it.
  • Dinner last night.  Pesto chicken pasta with pine nuts and spinach salad with strawberries and gorgonzola.  Love and awesomeness.

What was not awesome about this weekend was seeing the heartache and continued tragedy of our brothers and sisters in Japan. If you have a chance to help, please do.  One thing we can all do is pray for them.  Specifically, I’m praying that the aftershocks will end quickly, that a nuclear meltdown can be averted and that searchers can find those who are still missing. Please join me in pleading for our fellow human beings!


Aiketa said...

So happy to hear about your awesome-filled weekend. Specially that you are all healthy again and that as many as 400 people went to support one child, hope he felt really special!
My first thought when you said Hannie B was talking... I thought she was talking on the phone. Hopefully she is not yet in this phase...

I think you totally should share the recipe of you dinner. It seems it's delicious!

Apis Melliflora said...

I can see why a certain girl is sending emails to a certain boy, dare I say, young man. He looks cool and confident in his coaching duds.

So glad the awesomeness has returned to family life at last.

jd said...

That... picture... ROCKS!!! Big C all still in the midst of swirling action... I lurve.

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful to hear that your family is better. I'm shocked to see how grown up the GIANT Big C is looking.

I'm praying for the people of Japan. It certainly puts my own minor issues in perspective.

The Queen Vee said...

As I've viewed the catastrophe in Japan it has continually reminded me that my life is completely awesome. As Tobi said, " It certainly puts my own minor issues in perspective."

Kudos to your Hubby for the awesome event that he put together for Butter. It brought out the very best in all those that participated.

My prayers continue for the many who are suffering.