March 7, 2011

Veggies Anyone?


I am currently obsessed with these soft vegetables we got for Ollie’s kitchen during our last trip to the mighty IKEA.  Aren’t they swoon worthy?

I’m especially smitten with the leek and the lettuce.  The individual lettuce leaves are attached with velcro and can be removed to make a salad. Genius!  And super cute.

Ollie loves to take bites of his veggies and share them with all of us too.  Now if only he’d eat them in real life!

It was a very long, very CRAZY weekend. Big C got sick in the middle of the night before the big game.  He played despite feeling like crud. His team lost their only game of the season. We spent the rest of the weekend caring for sick people and moping.

I’m glad it’s Monday, my Hubby is home from his trip and we are on our way to feeling better (hopefully).  Join me tomorrow when I’ll have a free downloadable for you to aid you as you build up other women!


Apis Melliflora said...

That is a very Spring picture. Ikea was channeling Beatrix Potter.

Here's hoping you have a fantastic week all around!

Laura said...

Confession: I have never been to Ikea. Sad, I know. It's a drive from my house I just haven't gotten to make. I'm hoping sometime this year with my Mom though. Hope everyone feels better and you enjoy time as a family this week!

Audrey Carlson said...

Way cool! If only they all came apart to make a full salad. He'd be able to make a family salad before you knew it!

Anonymous said...

Ikea won't be open in Denver until the fall. I so miss visiting it's hallowed retail halls.

The Queen Vee said...

Veggies, I need to eat more of them.

Hopefully this week will be a healthier one for all of you despite the fact that the spring allergies are rampting up. I've had a runny nose and itchy eyes every day now for the past week.

Jessie said...

So cute! How'd I miss those on my many recent trips to ikea? I need some for
Sorry about all the sickness...i've had the flu all weekend too :(

Aiketa said...

Hope this week is a better one and that everyone is healthier! Sad to hear about the game, but sure there will be more trophies.
See you tomorrow, I'm coming back to see what you offer us.