February 22, 2011

Economics 101 . . .


My kids are smarter than I ever was at their age.  There. I said it. Do you remember studying economics in Second Grade? Me neither. But RedDog is.  And he totally gets it. 

As a culminating activity to their Economics unit the Second Grade had a Barter Day.  Each child was tasked to create a good {times five} that they could trade with their classmates.  The students were encouraged to think about what will be in high demand in the marketplace {of Second Grade}.

RedDog knew immediately that he wanted to make mini Lego ships from our large stash of Legos.  I’m all for getting rid of some of our inventory, so he set to work crafting ships and I made some fancy labels to draw the consumers in.


His ships were a HUGE hit and kids were trading multiple items for one ship.  He came home with a table football game, a silly band sorter, a Lego t-shirt, finger puppets and two paper airplanes that flew straight for days.

PS. Now RedDog is home with the really bad flu.  Say a little prayer for him today, won’t ya?


Apis Melliflora said...

His goods would go just as fast in kindergarten. My 6 year old was excitedly oooing and awing this morning.

I've also decided that little cellophane bags and dragonfly labels would pretty much sell me on anything.

The Nerd Mom said...

Praying for Soren! Peyton was out a whole week with it - over his birthday, no less! So were half the boys in his class. Hope Soren's better soon!

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Very cool. At our school they do a barter festival thing in 6th grade with the medieval unit. But in 2nd grade? That's awesome. Great job RedDog, hope you feel better.

Kernal Ken said...

As his grandpa who taught college Econ 301(micro) and 302 (macro), I see in the picture of Soren with his manufactured product a similar picture of Bill Gates coming out of his garage many years ago.
That schools are teaching Econ this early is superb!

The Queen Vee said...

I'd skip the those super Soren made lego ships and barter for Red Dog, love that boy.

Anonymous said...

The label is priceless! It's nice to know that Lego's have never lost their cool factor.