January 25, 2011

The Other Three . . .

Here’s news for you:  I have three other kids!  And because they are gone from me most of the day I don’t get enough photos of them.  When we are together, it is usually crazy. And homeworky. And chauffeury. And teen angsty. And drama queeny. Making words by adding –y is fun. But I digress.

My three big kids are home with Ollie and me today because the teachers are working on report cards. So I took a picture of them.  And now I have some observations to make:

  • Big C is BIG!  He’s practically bending in half for this shot. 
  • His hands and feet are bigger than mine now. Waaaa!
  • I’m surprised he actually smiled to show his braces.  He’s had them for three two months and this is the first time he’s let me take a picture.
  • He’s playing basketball right now and his team {coached by the Hubby} is undefeated! Another post devoted entirely to that team in the works . . . you’re going to love these boys!
  • Believe it or not, Big C’s Justin Bieber hair was just cut! Yikes. And though it looks greasy in this picture, it’s just wet from the shower.
  • Hannie B is fresh out of bed for this picture.  She’s got a nasty cold and can’t breath out of her nose.  I keep telling her that’s why she has a mouth, but she doesn’t get it.
  • She’s taking private art lessons right now and it is AWESOME!
  • She is also the lone piano player in our house.  I’m very proud of her progress and told her yesterday that she has now surpassed me in musical talent. She didn’t seem too impressed.
  • RedDog has large front teeth. And cute freckles.  And ears that make me smile.  He reminds me of Alfred P. Newman {remember MAD Magazine?}.
  • He is currently doing no extracurricular activities, which is probably the only thing keeping me SANE. It also allows him plenty of time to build Legos and bug Oliver – his two favorite things currently.

We’re going to go do something fun today because we can!  Hope your Tuesday is great.


Tobi said...

I love this picture. It looks like one small moment of harmony captured in time.

Enjoy your family time today!

Apis Melliflora said...

Happy Tuesday with all four! They look fresh-faced, healthy and happy to me. And very much like siblings!

Stacey Gerlach Moe said...

Wow, have they grown up!!!

The Queen Vee said...

Love the freckles and the kids that go with them.

squeezeme said...

Enjoy them! They are all getting big way too fast.

Sue said...

Dude, Big C is looking SO teenager-ish!

Aiketa said...

Nice photo!