January 31, 2011

Because You Asked . . .


{Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you!}

Wow! I loved the questions you asked yesterday. They are making me think about things deep {first memory? AACK!} and not-so-deep {Ollie & dark haired women}, things organizational {tips for girls to come} and things chaotic {my actual, usual life}. I plan to answer every SINGLE one of them. 

Some of the questions deserve their own posts! Look for those in the very near future.  I’ll try to tackle one of the more-in-depth questions each week.

Today, I thought I’d conquer some of the easier ones. 

Do you have a "set" blogging time each day? If so, is Ollie under foot? 

Most days I get my three older kids off to school, feed and change Ollie and then sit down to the computer to write for fifteen minutes to a half hour.  Ollie plays with his kitchen or blocks or tools while I type.  I usually talk to him or write out loud and often he’ll crawl up into my lap and try to push the laptop keys. 

When I’m feeling particularly reflective {mocassins, slivers, builders, birth stories, etc.} I will write ahead of time, reworking over a few days until I feel like I’ve got my thoughts to a point where I can share them without being self conscious.

Often I write posts the night before if I know I’m going to have an especially busy morning with errands, meetings, etc.

And occasionally, when I have a sudden burst of energy or ideas, I will write several posts ahead of time and draw from the “stock pile” when I need to – although this rarely happens.

No matter which of these options I choose, I always find that writing frees up my mind to focus on other things throughout the day. Since it is my only form of journaling right now, I have made it a priority. It’s my therapy!

Is Ollie still attracted to women with dark hair?

If you are my sister-in-law Audrey, yes.  All she has to do is show up at our house and Ollie is all smiles and flirting.

If you are the sister who runs the nursery at church, no. All she has to do is invite Ollie in the door and he’s all tears and screaming.

Can we see your basement re-do already and did you ever get that slipcover lady's name for me?

The basement is officially NOT done. Let’s just say I lost my steam. For example: the playroom has been taped off to paint for four months.  I don’t even notice the blue tape anymore. Sad.  Your question has planted a little spark in my heart and I plan to work on the basement incrementally until it is done. I have hopes of finishing it for a visitor in March.

And I will speak to my friend in Utah today about the slipcover lady. So expect an email from me in your box. Sorry for the delay Em!

My kids are home from school again today – this time for a measly ice storm.  My hope is to plan Valentine’s ideas with Hannie B. and RedDog.  Can you believe that lovely love day is only two weeks away!  What are your plans?


The Queen Vee said...

I have no plans for Valentines this year, not going to make them....I know, I know but I simply lack enthusiasm for it this year.

Tobi said...

Thanks for asking my question! I'm kinda sad Ollie only has love for one dark haired lady in his life.

I've been plotting my special Valentine's Dinner with the kiddos. My theme is red hearts. So expect a lot of red and expect a post with lots of pictures. =)

The Nerd Mom said...

Valentine's Day is Peyton's birthday, so it has pretty much ceased to become anything but that for us anymore. But that's okay. I love BOTH my guys! :)

Anonymous said...

But I wanted to know the answer about the slipcovers.........I love to hear all of your advice and take on things. I guess I am out of luck. I do love your blog.

The Dragonfly said...

No worries Anonymous. I will cover slip covers {punny} in the next week or two!

Aiketa said...

I'm looking forward for all of the rest of your answer. I loved our mother's question. Made me think of my own first memory.