March 1, 2010

Splitsville . . .

It's over.

  My affair with the Vancouver Winter Games ended last night with a down-to-the-wire hockey game {so close!}, Apolo Ohno in Ralph Lauren {so classy}, Michael Buble' {so croontastic}, Michael J. Fox {so great} and inflatable beavers {so strange, yet so funny}.  I am sad to see the games go.  I can't help but feel like the dumpee in a relationship I wasn't ready to end. 

Alas, good things do have to end. 

Another good thing ended for our family yesterday. Our church congregation {known as a ward in LDS culture} was divided yesterday to accomodate growth in the area.  This particular event is rather peculiar to our church, since our congregations are based on geographic boundaries instead of the member choosing which congregation they'd like to attend.

The ward we've been a part of for seven years was split FOUR WAYS {one group in a brand new ward, one group remaining under the old ward name and two groups going to other existing wards}.  While such splits are a good thing, because they indicate growth, they are often also sad occasions.  After yesterday's changes, I will no longer attend weekly church meetings with a large majority of my closest friends.

And though it is true that some of my friendships will transcend any ward boundary change, there are others that I know will fade with time and infrequency of gathering.  This is reality. 

When I was fourteen my ward in Germany was split into two wards.  The boy I pined for ended up in the other ward. I thought the world had ended.  What happened instead was that my crush on him ended. And I found another boy to like.

Now I'm an adult.  And the split is still hard.  Not world-ending hard, but bittersweet. I know good things will come of it.

And so two good things came to an end yesterday.  And a new relationship begins today.

Happy Monday!

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Tobi said...

They split your ward four ways? Whoa! That's amazing.

I'm sad the Olympics are over too.

Kasey Hunt said...

That is amazing that they split it 4 ways, and you are all individual wards?? We too had a split and it's very hard. Relationships did fade, it's hard to maintain one with kids and busy schedules, R.S. and Sundays were good for catching up. I hope the transition is smooth for you and your family.

Apis Melliflora said...

You have the wisdom of experience to draw upon as you face the new. And so many new callings: big opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

TracyS. said...

I wish I knew what to say about the split... it went way further than I thought it would. We'll survive!

Bells said...

Our family bids a fond farewell to the Vancouver Olympics. We still wear our SLC 2002 berets on occasion. We heard amazing news today, we live only a short distance from the one and only Apolo Ohno. He lives here in South Jordan ,and my kids are determined to get him to come and speak at their school!

The Queen Vee said...

Splitsville isn't so bad. New opportunities, new prospective, friendships that matter will survive, growth is good and two weeks of the Olympics is enough.

Alison Wilde said...

What ward will I come home too now? I already feel SPLIT, and now I'm just crushed! I would love to know where boundries were divided, and all the details. Splits truly are hard, but being in an expat ward that people are constantly splitting, we feel blessed for all the relationships we have made---like have the opportunity to meet the Lee family (perfect example!!)