March 19, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner . . .

This is not a flattering or cute picture of the infant son.  Unfortunately, this is our current reality.  And that look on his face, well, I'm seeing an awful lot of it.

You see, my boy is trying ever so hard to crawl and for some odd reason, he can only manage to go backwards. It usually goes something like this:
Ollie sees desirable item. 
Ollie assumes normal baby crawling position.
Ollie raises himself into plank position {it's yoga, baby}.
Ollie sits back up, only now he's about three inches back from where he started.
Ollie continues this torturous system until he looks up to see how close he is to desirable item and realizes it is now a mere speck on the horizon.
Ollie makes the face in the picture.
Ollie begins crying.

Occasionally Ollie will back himself into some tiny crevice of the family room.  I've found him halfway under the couch, behind the armoir doors, under the coffee table and in the corner pictured.

I continue to put him through baby boot camp, where I move his legs and arms in synch with the proper crawling technique. We do this multiple times a day.  He giggles and smiles.  I think he understands.  I put out a desirable object.  And he's backwards boy all over again.

Usually I am in no rush to have a mobile baby.  It means lots of things, including baby proofing for real and the end of the legos for awhile.  But right now, after three weeks of backwards boy, I am done with that face and the crying. 

Would anybody like to volunteer to come and be Ollie's crawling coach?

Plank You, Plank You Very Much.
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Sue said...

Ollie's just trying to participate in the challenge, that's all.

AllisonK said...

The plank work is wonderful!

Apis Melliflora said...

That face says it all. Going backwards, hmmm....I'm thinking it's a metaphor for something about his little personality and learning style. Maybe one step backwards, two steps forwards?

The Queen Vee said...

I'm thinking Owlie is just plain cute, even when he's crying.

Jessie said...

Poor guy! But still so cute!! Lottie's getting close to crawling too...but I'm totally discouraging it. The boys will egg her on and then I run in and put her back into a sit. During the move I just cannot have a baby underfoot! days are numbered.

Susan said...

I will come and be Ollie's crawling coach :) I agree with the Queen Vee - Owlie is just plain cute!

Kasey Hunt said...

i love those pictures!! He'll get it one day when you least expect it!!! He's got some great strength!

Tobi said...

If he is not crawling in a forwards direction I will happily volunteer to be Ollie's coach.