February 25, 2010


I'm not sure how we managed to do it, but my mom {the Queen} and I have singlehandedly started three major trends in the past few years.  What?  You mean you haven't noticed? 

Well, it seems that since my mom declared herself 'The Queen' back in 2007, major fashion, home and craft industry higher-ups have done everything in their power to emblazen clothing, bedding, wall hangings, scrapbook papers, stamps, stickers and a multitude of other items with all things royal.  Crowns, sceptors, even the very words "I Am The Queen".  Coincidence?  I think not. I'm telling you, my mom's got some serious power. It always pays to make the Queen happy. Can't you just see her chillaxin' in this hoodie:

{image found here}

Next, I went and had a baby.  And decided that he was more Owlie than Ollie. And BAM! Owls are all the rage.  I am seriously having to do everything I can to withstand the urge to buy hundreds of darling, round- eyed, hooting, feathered friends.  How can I resist when people create things like this:
{image via Etsy here}

It's tough, let me tell you.

I realized we might just be THE trendsetters when I delcared my love of Dragonflies and suddenly, they were all over the place, spreading their glorious wings on everything from sweaters to stationary.  Since I started this trend, it seems only natural that I enjoy some of the fruits of my hard labor. 

Here is some of the GORGEOUS dragonfly love that has been sent my way recently:

This guy sits in my kitchen window and reflects beautiful prismatic light while I scrub grimey dishes. {Notice the snow from hell?}

And this classy fellow is a perfect match to the decor in the dining room. He even came with his own clever little stand.

Here's a small fry whose actual purpose of holding papers has been eclipsed by his ability to make my ugly fridge door look darling.

This sparkler is brand spanking new and is calling to me, "Make. The. Cookies. Now. You. Weak. Woman."  The cookie cutter's wishes are my commands.

This tasteful specimen atop my piano was a gift from the Queen.  I gift her with regal things every now and again, too. See how we feed eachother in this trendy realm?

But this, well, this might just be the current favorite.  It's a delicate little ceramic box with a crackle finish.  It holds my wedding rings while I make the cinnamon rolls or pizza dough.  It came to me from a dear cousin at the height of my post-baby blues, and in its tiny vessel was stored an ample amount of love.  It is very special to me.

Just let me know if there is something you would like turned into a major trend.  I'm pretty sure the Queen and I could arrange it, for a minimal fee.

{Disclaimer:  Sarcasm. But you knew that, right?}
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Jessie said...

So sorry I've been referring to your little guy erroneously as Ollie...won't let it happen again. Owlie is much cuter.

Apis Melliflora said...

Yes, this is definitely a family affair, says this little honeybee. Trendsetter. Stars aligning. God winks. Call it what you will. But I'm all over it.

jd said...

American Girl's Doll of the Year, "Lanie", also wears dragonflies as her emblem... your power and influence stretches far and wide!! :)

It's a good thing you didn't pick something like clowns as your identity. Shudder.

Lori said...

The little Dragonfly box was a favorite of mine too...it just seemed like it needed to be loved by someone as wonderful as you!

Tobi said...

I had noticed that whatever you and the queen endorse suddenly turns to gold.

I seriously think I need that white hoodie for my own.

Your powers are great young Dragonfly. Use them for good.