February 9, 2010

Time To Man Up!

I had a lovely, low key birthday yesterday.  I spent it with my best friend and the four little people we've created together.  I got to see my parents, my big bro, a favorite sis-in-law, a great movie.  I got to talk to my other two siblings - one was the first of the day, the other the last.  I got to eat yummy food that I did not cook.  I got to catch up on some favorite TV shows.  I received well wishes and little gifts from friends.  All in all, turning younger than 40, but older than 35 turned out to be pretty great.

Today I am home with the same four little people.  We will be together every day this week as the school district has closed down to prepare for the additional ten to twenty inches of snow we are expecting today and tomorrow. Just in case you aren't keeping track {and why would you be?} we will have gotten upwards of 50 inches of snow in one week.  That is a heckofalot of snow.  And my back is feeling it.  I am currently trying to man up and get out on to our back deck to shovel the snow there so the deck doesn't collapse with additional snow today and tomorrow. 

Speaking of manning up, it was brought to my attention yesterday that my blog is erring on the side of too 'girly'.  Here's a conversation I had with my talented but snarky older brother {pictured by me above}:

Me:  I'm thrilled that your photoblog is doing so well and people are showering you with praise!  You deserve it.  And I want you to know I check it every day.
Him:  Thanks. Kinda crazy, right?
Me:  So, do you ever read my blog?
Him:  I read it every time you put up a new post.
Me:  Oh, I guess I just figured you didn't read it because you never comment unless you're feeling really sarcastic and want to tease me.
Him:  That's because your blog is too girly.
Me:  Wha?
Him:  How am I supposed to comment when you always write about girly stuff?
Me:  You mean like families and emotions?
Him: Yeah, pretty much.

So, ladies . . . AND more importantly gentlemen, if there are any reading, I'd love for you to offer up a manly topic or two that I might expound upon to help my brother out a little.  Let's see what we can come up with. 

For now, I'm off to shovel.  Grunt, grunt.
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Sue said...

It has taken me a minute to comment because I just keep cackling. Chris Carlson, TO A TEE!

I'd be amused to see a post about "man's work" versus "women's work" and what tasks transcend those stereotypes at your house.

Sue said...

How about favorite board games in the family and who rocks at which games. That's not too girly, is it? Especially if you post a pic of Chris playing games at one of your Memorial Day Weekend soires!

aiketa said...

Samantha, I'm late but I just wanted to say: "Happy Birthday!"
As you said, it seems yesteday was a great day, you completely deserved it!

The Queen Vee said...

The worm, cycling, that ought to hook them....then you can reel them in Samantha.

Another thought, your favorite guy movies.

Christy said...

Glad you had a fabulous birthday yesterday. So fun that you got all that snow and more to come. It's a fun adventure when you can be stocked with food in a warm, cozy house. Best wishes and not going stir-crazy in the house with all the kiddos home.

As far as your brother is concerned maybe you need a good post about some cool, new technology or with a video of someone getting hit in the crotch. That's what would work for Ryan. :)

chelsea said...

Maybe you should post videos of cyclists spraying champagne on the podium girls?

Apis Melliflora said...

Chelsea's onto something.

No writing necessary.

Pictures of bikes, sports, cool gadgets, iphone apps, cute girls (not related to them of course), gross stuff, special effects, politics, money, snarky cleverness.

The Queen Vee said...

Clarification: Guy movies, fast cool cars, bLowing things up, cool special effects, people getting shot at, punched and women that don't look like us, etc.

Not movies with Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant and Rob Pattinson, those are girl guy movies.

Burton's blog said...

I would love for Chris to explain pre-teen and teenaged boys. I'm at a real loss most of the time.

katrina said...

Sounds like a new feature "Guest Blogger". since he couldn't keep up his own blog :)

Apis Melliflora said...

Oh and I just have to say that your blog isn't too girly. I've seen some that are and yours ain't it.

Emily@notionsonnesting.com said...

Shoveling snow is manly! I'm glad you had a good birthday! Good Luck surviving the kids being home.

Anonymous said...

More blog entries about me is a good start. :-)

Jessie said...

I just had my bday too and am a bit down about being in my late 30s now...glad yours was satisfying.

I'm intriqued to ck out your brother's new blog. As for his comment, I wouldn't take it as criticism. You are a woman, engaged in woman's work, who writes for a largely female audience. And you're very good at it. But if you want to attract the male readers, then yeah, write about blowing things up, fast cars, politics, corporate America, beef, and the like.

TracyS. said...

Happy belated birthday.
Here are my suggestions:
-cool and unique uses for duct tape
-videos of building demolitions/implosions

Amy Jo said...

This is funny! He's supportive of your blog (since he's reading it) but has some opinions. I don't think my brother even knows I have a blog, or what a blog is....

I noticed that you only have one posting labeled "fashion". How about some manly fashions, since you're dressing quite a few of them at your house.

Tobi said...

At least your brother knows you have a blog and reads it. Everytime I tell my brother I have a blog it's news to him.

If you want to reel in the man readers then I suggest writing about James Bond, Jason Bourne, how to prepare the perfect steak, motorcycles and any new fancy technology.

Princesa said...

Hilarious. I'm just looking back on your posts. Sounds like Chris. It's been a long time.