February 12, 2010

Oh No! A Secret Crush . . .

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Did you know I have a sibling {possibly an in-law} who secretly has dreams of competing in Luge at the Winter Olympics?  It's true.  This person would totally rock it - I am convinced.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make it happen for her {or him}.

Did you know that the same sibling and I share a little penchant for figure skating, much to the chagrin of our significant others.  We don't mind though.  As long as we've got eachother and those triple salchows, we'll be fine.

Did you know that eight years ago we were living in Utah when Salt Lake City hosted the best Winter Olympics EVER?  I can still taste the excitement and pride the state had as it welcomed the world's best athletes to compete at its venues. It was a magical time.

Did you know that during those two weeks in 2002, my Hubby and I got to attend some Team USA hockey games?  We were totally obnoxious dressed in our red, white and blue waving an enormous American flag.  And it was so fun. I'd show you a picture, but my scanner is temporarily out of commission. A Valentine's gift may or may not alleviate this situation.

Did you know that during those two weeks we were also introduced to a little Olympic event called Short Track Speed Skating. The tickets were given to us as a gift.  Our first exposure blew our minds because it contained none other than the Apolo Antone Ohno.  And that is when my secret crush began. Massive quads, bandana tied ala Axel Rose, soul patch - and that smile.  I hadn't even seen him smash the competition yet, but when he did, I think even the Hubby had a crush! Nevermind that apparently he can dance too.

Tonight the Winter Olympics begin.  And Mr. Ohno is set to become the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian ever.  I'll be watching.  Will you?
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Apis Melliflora said...

I have fond memories of watching the Olympics with my Valentine. Can't wait to share the excitement with the kids this time.

Sparcam said...

I must say, for me, the crush on Apolo...**sigh**even love his Vicks cold medicine commercial! Yep, we will be watching!

The Queen Vee said...

USA, USA, USA...yeah we're watching.

squeezeme said...

I'll be watching with my family and the 6 other screaming 10 year old girls my daugther has invited. She has been counting down to the opening night of the Olympics and thus her Olympic Late Over where we will play "olympic" type games and eat yummy treats as we get into the Olympic mood. GO USA!

Jessie said...

He is a hottie...and did you know he lives here in our very own South Jordan (or West, well, one of the Jordans)? And he also hails from my homestate, Washington. Anyhoo...I love figure skating too! A and I went to the men's long program here in 2002--we were in the very last, highest row of the Delta Center and could barely see a thing.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that his look is what I'm going for?