February 23, 2010

Oh! Canada!

{Image via Google Images}
Remember this beret from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City?  It was all the rage.  My sister-in-law and I stood in line in the freezing cold for over two hours to try to get one of these berets.  Alas, when we finally got into the Roots store, they were sold out.  Waaaaaa! I think I might have pouted just a little bit.

Until my mail came yesterday, where upon I became one of the coolest people ever.  At least for the next week until the Olympics are over.  Because I own these:

The IT item for the Vancouver Winter Games {or so Oprah says}. A gift from my friend Jennie Doezie, who was lucky enough to journey across the border for a real Olympic experience.  This girl knows how to make me happy - Olympic ring bedecked, tiny white maple leafed, fleece lined, finger-togetherness! Be still my heart!
They are AWESOME, I adore them will all my being and you will finding me wearing them each night from 8:00 til Midnight while watching my daily dose of Olympic coverage as the Hubby snores next to me - except for when I take them off to put another oreo in my mouth.  Crumbs, people, crumbs.

Go Team USA!  Go Apolo!  And thanks for the cute mittens Jennie and Canada!

ps.  Jennie, do you remember OUR famous trip to Canada?  Good times, my friend, good times!
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Apis Melliflora said...

That Doezie, she's got her finger on the pulse! Cool mits!

jd said...

I am so glad you like them!! I thought you might :)

my friend Jessica (a Canuck living in Vancouver) got me some for Christmas, before they became the sold-out item... and when we went to Vancouver for the Olympics, EVERYONE was wearing them! It was so cool! But I didn't know if people in the Lower 48 would think so too, so I'm glad you do!!

p.s. they had the USA beret available at Roots... if you're still pining, I could (have someone) get it for you... :)


jd said...

and p.s. ... LOVE the photo of you betwixt the mittens! Super-cute!

and p.P.s... yes I surely do remember our adventures in Canadia. I surely surely do. Fondly :)

Jennifer said...

Those are so awesome! I am on olympic freak, not many people can understand why I have to have these things. I am glad to find another freak like me ; )

I would really like to have the USA knit hat. They are soooo cute!

Happy oreo eating, cool mitten wearing olympic watching!

The Queen Vee said...

You now can be considered the cool "Gloved One". kinda Michael Jackson and loved one.

jd, you are one super fab woman and friend.