January 1, 2010

A Queen's Christmas . . .

Happy New Year friends! Hopefully you rang it in with fanfare and loved ones, or like us, laughing, playing cards and eating way too many hors d'oeuvres! While I scurry about my house taking down the Christmas decor {sob, sob!} enjoy some pictures for our Christmas day at the Queen's house:

I'm crazy for this colorful mix of praying nativity angels. Especially the one in pink who, like me, desperately needs her eyebrows waxed!
Fresh greenery, glitter glass decoration and a blazing fire to make things toasty. As always, my mom makes it lovely and welcoming.

Her simple, but elegant mantle.

The reason for it all.

Thanks Queenie! Christmas day at your house was fantastic!

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Apis Melliflora said...

Thank you for the lovely pictures. The Queen is gifted indeed. It is a bit sad to put it all away. Goodbye angels, please watch over us in 2010!

aiketa said...

In Spain Christmas holidays last until January 6th, the day of the Ephifany. The night before the Three Wise Men bring gifts to children. So I have some more days left, until Christmas ends till the next year.

The Queen Vee said...

Glad you enjoyed it cause it's coming down soon and is getting harder and harder to put up. Oh, maybe that last part has something to do with desire, guess I'd better work on that.