January 7, 2010

Meaningful, Funny & Disappointing . . .

It might be a bit obnoxious that I'm choosing to mention a few Christmas presents this far into in the New Year, but you can deal with it, right?  I'd regret it if I didn't mention just three gifts. We had a great Christmas morning with happy faces as wishes were fulfilled and dreams came true.

I was totally surprised by a very meaningful gesture on the part of the Hubby who had the first two years of my blog published into a book.  It is a treasure to me!  The kids and I have sat around reading posts and looking at pictures together.  My goal to have a record for my family of our life together by blogging is coming true.  Thanks Hubby. I sure do love you!

Probably the funniest gift came in RedDog's stocking this year.  Santa- that ever observant  and jolly fellow - noticed that RedDog had taken mightlily to a spork he got with a sample at Costco back in November.  The spork and RedDog were forced to part one day after a fragile plastic tine broke and the meanest mom on the planet tossed it in the trash.  Santa to the rescue!  A new, red, much sturdier spork is now the envy of older brother and sister.   And with its knife edge, we're thinking we might call it a sporkife.

Unfortunately, not all Christmas presents hit the mark this year.  At the top of Hannie  B's list {I am completely serious here} was the dreaded Snuggie. Yes, as in the 'As Seen On TV' Snuggie.  My girl is weird sometimes.  As soon as she saw the Snuggie for Dogs, owning a Snuggie became her greatest desire. 

Being the type of mom that likes to engineer a Christmas morning miracle, I spent the month of December telling Hannie that there was no way she was ever getting a Snuggie.  Then at the last minute I went out and bought her one so her joy would be full on Christmas day.

And boy was she was excited . . . until she opened the box.  The Snuggie, my friends, is a complete sham.  The fabric is thin and almost see through.  And the kid sized Snuggie absolutely swallowed Hannie.  She couldn't find her hands if she'd tried.  The Snuggie was the first gift we returned.  Goodbye and good riddance!

How about you?  I'd love to know what was the best gift under the tree this year?

Postscript:  The Hubby had my blog published at Blogtoprint.com

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Tobi said...

Cora's best gift was a barbie. It was the pink barbie from barbie and the three musketeers. Oi!

Alec's best gift was the car track that my Dad bought for him. Somehow this trumps the Bumblebee Transformer he begged for from Santa and me.

Thanks for letting me know about the Snuggie rip off.

Christy said...

That's too bad about the snuggie. Dick and Patsy have a nice one Brooke got them last year from Dillard's and it is quite soft and luxurious. I guess the Snuggie brand isn't as nice. Too bad.

Our favorite gift was a homemade hair ball game from Brooke and Aaron that I will have to share on the blog. It is super gross and hilarious at the same time. Kid favorites were as follows: Luke: a trainset, Mia: an American Girl doll, Halle: spyclops night vision goggles and a flying turtle and Addy: a fashion designer kit and camera. Fun times.

Kasey Hunt said...

My favorite gift was a calendar my son made for me at his school. All the months had his hand prints on it representing the current month. A close 2nd would have to be my rolling pin, now i can bake pies!! Where did he get your posts published?

Apis Melliflora said...

I just want to give that Hannie B a big snuggie hug for wanting a Snuggie (a distant, eccentric cousin to the beloved Veronica blanket from last year?)

Best gift I received: an old house newly renovated with painted kitchen cabinets, proof positive that my stained-wood-loving husband loves me.

squeezeme said...

So, where did Santa find the sporkife?

My favorite gift is the blessed little "book" upon which I am typing to you. Matt and I agreed that since we are finishing the basement we would help the children by each other a few small items and then gift each other a book. His..."How to Work With Your Expert Witness." Mine.....A MacBook Pro. He totally cheated!! (Through a little bartering....) I LOVE his surprises!

The Queen Vee said...

I posted a comment but it disappeared, some magic happening here on your blog.

I loved all my gifts except for a couple that the big guy bought for himself but gave to me, like a stapler and spray windshield defroster.

Sometimes less is more.

Dion Seneca said...

I got two of the best gifts ever this year! Both were homemade artwork.

The first was a picture of a camera drawn by my oldest son. The outline was actually 53 descriptive words that described me. Some of my favorites were skinny, intelligent, lively, joyful, giving, and awesome.

The second was a characature of me drawn by my brand new and uber talented brother-in-law. We (me, my siblings and their spouses) decided to give inexpensive humorous gifts this year. (You'll be amused to know that one of those gifts, given to my TV-lover brother, was a Snuggie!) Anyhow, said brother in law--who happens to be an accomplished artist (Check him out at justintaylorart.com)--drew a picture of me with a camera in one hand, a small child delicately balanced in the other, and a bag slown over my shoulder overflowing with a soccer ball, baby wipes, cooking utensils, and various other items that I deal with on a daily basis. I have sweat dripping from my head, and you can tell that I am barely keeping it all together. Not only is the artwork amazing, but he totally GOT me! I was so moved!

Burton's blog said...

My favorite gift was a craft box I put together for Lexi. She will take any scrap piece of paper she can find, decorate it to the hilt with any thing she can find, then beg for stamps to mail to her friends. I bought a medium sized tub and filled it with paper, stickers, decorative scissors, stamps, craft punches, glue, ribbon, etc. She absolutely loves it! SCORE!!
I personally love the Oobees I got my girls and myself!

Heidi R said...

So this is the first time I've ever posted on someone's blog - do you feel special? You should, because you are! Mom and da have both commented on seperate occasions how inspiring your "thoughts on mocassins" is, so i finally allowed myself the pleasure of reading your thoughts. Your beautiful, meaningful, tender, just how I feel and how so many others feel, thoughts! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! I'm off to try on James' moccassins to find out why, for the fourth time, he needs to pour, and I mean pour, bubble bath on my carpet!!!

The girls loved their darling Valentine from Hannah! THNX!

As for Snuggies - my girls LOVE theirs. Although, we have Snuggies from Justice, not the actual As Seen On TV. Brookestone makes really cozy ones out of their NAP material - I want one!!

Love to you and the fam!