November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Part II . . .

Since it's still November for one more day and I don't have any Christmas decor up yet, I figure I've can still blog about Thanksgiving until I'm accused of being a grinch who's in denial about December actually being here.

Here's our the adult table festooned in berried garland, plate side harvest candles and very last minute place cards scrawled out by yours truly. And my Thanksgiving table is only complete when the brown transferware dishes are brimming with all the holiday fixings.

This year I pretty much left the fixing of the fixings up to a highly skilled and really capable kitchen staff. I'm pretty sure I have completely used up my "I just had a new baby" excuse after this.

Meet talented and capable. No kidding, these to gals here made EVERYTHING {except the green beans and store bought rolls - yeah, I'm lame}. Thanks ladies. I love ya - and not just for your mad kitchen skilz.

This guy here is my dad, The Kernal, and he had two jobs: first, to bring and serve our beverage of choice {it's not champagne . . . it's Martinellis - remember, I'm a Mormon!} and second, to charm us all with his witty personality and fantastic stories. He did a great job at both.

Minutes before the meal, the candles are lit and the stomachs are growling. How was your Thanksgiving?

Ooh, just thought I'd tease you all a little bit and let you know that I've come up with {what I think is} a great idea for my December give away! And it has to do with this gal right here:

Trust me, you're gonna want to win this one. Happy Monday!


Tobi said...

Beautiful table Sam! Your house looked like the spot to be this Thanksgiving! I can't wait to hear about your new giveaway.

Word verification is antse! So funny. Since I am very antsy!

Apis Melliflora said...

OK, if the next giveaway is a trip to Chicago to be on Oprah with you, watch out ladies, I'm gonna fight tooth and nail to be the Chosen One. :-)

I love it when everyone's in the kitchen. Call me crazy, but it's the quintessential family dance.