November 26, 2009

Gratitude Week . . .

I am so grateful for my kids! They make life exciting and joyful. Challenging and hard, but mostly exciting and joyful!
In our house on Thanksgiving one of the coolest parts about being a kid is getting to sit at the kids table, separated from the parents, laughing and singing, chatting and eating with cousins and other young visitors. This year the kids table was "the place to be"-- as noted by the fact that the volume level and giggling increased as the evening progressed. Here are a few shots of this year's Kids Table:

The Thanksgiving Blessings Mix (a great idea from the Blonde Designs Blog) was a huge hit! A few of the kids helped me put these little after-dinner goody bags together during the day and we had a wonderful conversation about the Pilgrims and the symbolism of each item as we placed it in the bag.

{Who doesn't love a treat that contains both chocolate covered pretzels AND Bugles?}

I decided that this year the Kids Table needed some whimsy. So we covered it with craft paper instead of a table cloth and put cups of crayons out. The kids enjoyed doodling while their parents filled their plates. I also drew place mats and names on the paper in lieu of place cards. The kids loved searching for their name on the table and I didn't have to wash any linens!

Miss Hannie B. started working on these Indian headdress napkin holders about a week ago after seeing the idea in a book from her school library. She is a clever and crafty girl!

Here they are . . . eight cute kids ready for their turkey and potatoes! Don't even talk to me about the fact that the big guy at the end of the table will graduate to the adult table next year. I have to go cry over a leftover piece of pie now.

PS. Don't forget to scroll down and to Wednesday's post to leave a comment for a chance to win that awesome New Moon t-shirt. Comments will close at midnight EST TONIGHT! I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Happy Black Friday!
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TracyS. said...

Love the blessings mix- I'll have to try that next year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

Okay, I'm marching right on up to the grocery store right now and get some bugles and chocolate. Now that I've had some "come back home and go back to sleep" sleep. (Black Friday being what it is and all.)

Also, does Hannie B have any more cute crafty ideas? The Indian headdress napkin ring is adorable. My granddaughter would love that.

(I'm Daniel Barnhurst's aunt, by the way)

I love Thanksgiving.

Apis Melliflora said...

Can I sit at the kids' table? So cool!

Tobi said...

I love the Thanksgiving mix. I'm going to have to remember that for next year. That would have been fun to pass out to the women I visit teach as well. Perhaps I can come up with a Christmas version. Thanks for sharing your genius with the rest of us. =)

The Queen Vee said...

You're clever and talented, that's all I can say....except that I'm grateful your my daughter.