November 24, 2009

Gratitude Week . . .

It would be totally inappropriate to donate an entire post to my gratitude for the recently released {and oh, so enjoyable} movie New Moon. That would be weird, right? If I did, you might never come back to this silly little blog again.
I can't bear the thought of that, so instead I want to talk about my gratitude for YOU today! Yes, I'm talking to you, the readers of my blog. Whether you are a regular commenter, a silent observer {aka: lurker}, a sweet friend of my mom's who can't quite figure out how to get a google account, my brother who randomly comments when feeling snarky, a complete stranger all the way over in Spain, an anonymous reader whose comments reach into my soul, a fabulous mother-in-law, a former ward member, a mere acquaintance or a very close friend, you need to know that I am so very grateful for you.
In case you haven't noticed, I've been going though some difficult times as of late. I know there are degrees of difficulty and in my case, it's not so bad. But it's still difficult to me and you need to know that I have looked to my blog and its readers as a little life raft in my current stormy seas.
On this blog I've been able to talk about {at times in veiled reference}, think about, and work through some tough emotions. And through it all you have read, listened and even advised. It has been a great comfort and help to me. So thank you. To all of you, whether you're vocal or not. You are appreciated. {Insert pat on your back here.}
As a little show of my affection, I decided that a giveaway is in order today. And it just happens to do with a certain little movie I love and a certain friend I love even more.
My super talented friend-for-life Jennie was willing to take a design idea from my head and turn it into a T-shirt for me to wear to the New Moon premiere. Nothing says devotion like a custom made tee. Lucky for you, she printed me an extra and I'd like to send it to a Dragonfly reader.
The shirt is screened in metallic silver and bronze {for Edward and Jacob, of course} on a super soft American Apparel tee. Here's the front:

And here's the back {because I believe no girl should have to make that kind of choice . . . it's just too hard}:

If you'd like to win this shirt, which would make a choice Christmas gift for an obsessed Twihard, just leave a comment on this post telling me what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving. I'll close out the comments at midnight EST on Friday, November 27th. Please leave an email or link to your blog so I can contact the winner.

Isn't gratitude the best?

ps. I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner!

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Apis Melliflora said...

I'm grateful that I have so many blessings in my life that I just stared at the blank comment screen for a good five minutes trying to prioritize them. I couldn't.

Lori said...

Been listing my blessings all month on my blog (I sent you an invite)...I'm thankful for so much...but most especially this year to be HOME. I never knew how good it felt to be home for the holidays until that little blessing went missing for a time. There's just something comforting about being in a familiar space. I'm sure you'd agree that I NEED THAT T-SHIRT!...I haven't seen the movie yet...and it would be fantastic attire for a first timer. Keeping my fingers crossed!

MelancholySmile said...

What a great tee shirt idea. You're so creative. :) Since I have a Twilight obsessed SIL, I thought I'd throw out a comment: I'm thankful for all the friends I've made via blogging. Who knew, right? I blog to keep depression at bay, and am constantly amazed by the kind and warm people out there- yourself included. Hope your stormy seas of trial pass quickly. Happy Thanksgiving! said...

I'm grateful for a blog like yours to read and for four healthy "nestlings" at the moment. Can you believe I haven't seen New Moon yet? Soon.

Thorny Tree Lady said...

This Thanksgiving is a strange one for me. It's been a rough year, and I'm thankful it's coming to an end. But most of all, I am more thankful for my wonderful little family; my husband and our fantastic marriage; and my loving, forgiving, and accepting Savior with His healing Atonement.

I'm thankful for The Dragonfly and her wonderful example of strength and joy. I only hope I can deal with sleep training as calmyly as you are (yeah, I'm THAT weepy when it comes to that!).

On a "superficial" note, I'm thankful for Photoshop and DVRs.

Kasey Hunt said...

I'm grateful for many things. I do want to focus on this though: I'm grateful for Mother's like you, who keep it real. Who are honest, with their job and blessing as a Mother. It has by far been the hardest yet most rewarding job I think I will ever have! It's nice to know that I'm not alone, struggling at times. I hope you continue on the path of wellness. You are such a great person!

Mammallama said...

I picked you up on Tobi's blog. Normally I lurk and do not leave a comment on her friends blogs.. But that T shirt is GREAT!
I am grateful for my health. I have a friend in my ward with liver cancer. She has a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Our ward is praying for a miracle as the doctors don't think she will be here for Christmas. Also, I am grateful to be employed. I lurk during lunch.
Tobi's mom.

Tobi said...

The T-shirt is genius. You should market it and make million smackers. ;)

I'm grateful for all the many wonderful bloggers friends that I have. Especially you Sam. You are the best commenter an amatuer blogger could ask for.

I'm also grateful for a heathly family and a super duper wonderful man who keeps our family on track.

Amanda said...

I'm grateful for the most amazing family ever. Truly, I don't know where I would be without all of them.

Bells said...

I think it is a great exercise to name my many blessings. It is tempting to say I'm grateful for everything, and while I am, it's even better to name my blessings and count them one by one. Topping my list today, prayers, love given and received, an abundant life. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Samantha! Love, Janie

Jennifer said...

You are so so creative! Now, that is a Twilight shirt I would wear.
I am thankful for the world of blogging and the people I have met. And in the true spirit of the giveaway I am thankful for the Twilight books. Cheesy? No. Because of them I love to read now.

Sparcam said...

Would it be complete and total brown-nosing if I said I was grateful for you and your dad? I don't think I can leave your mom out either. I have never met any of you, just through blogging and comments. I appreciate your attitudes and opinions. You father's knowledge and way with words, and I love to read your mom's loving and supportive comments to both of you. I also appreciate your struggles and hope you find your way through. Been there and still doing that. I still have a 6 year old I can't get out of my bed!

Did I mention PICK ME! PICK ME!

Thanks Sam!

The Queen Vee said...

I'm thankful that Matt and Mindy's Kitchen is just about unpacked and looking like home and also soooooo much more....mostly my family 1:30 am, I'm heading to bed.

travislee06 said...

I am thankful for you!

You are perfect for me and the best mother our children could desire. I love you.

Kevin and Amanda said...

I'm grateful for...
-the opportunity to win this fabulous shirt
-being close to family
-a little one who takes naps
-dividing up thanksgiving dinner
-my new laundry room (hoorah!)
-my ah-mazzzzing husband
-warm boots and coats
-the sun
-the gospel
-good recipes
-my health
-so you think you can dance, house, bill engvall, fringe, tv (entertainment in general)
-free babysitting
-and a whoooooole lot more!

jd said...

Pick me pick me! Just kidding :)

I, for one, echo Jennifer's sentiments... I AM grateful for the whole shebang that is Twilight. It lightens my life! But I am also grateful for a very clever friend who comes up with great concepts for shirts, so I didn't have to this year! And a thousand times MORE grateful for that friend in general, for all that she is and all that she is to me. Oh, and her family, too-- LOVE THEM. You all mean so much to me. :)

TracyS. said...

I am thankful for those who appreciate beauty and teach others to do the same.
Happy Thanksgiving

aiketa said...

I don't know if it's me who you are talking about when saying "a complete stranger from Spain"... but I'm from Spain (the girl who sent you the dragonfly picture).

These pasts months have been really difficult for me and my family, so I'm thankful of my positive thoughts and strengh which keeps me going on. Friends and family also helps.
I'm also thankful for your blog, I'm learning so many things, one day as a mom, I'll do!
Happy Thanksgiving,
from a girl in Spain,


Christy said...

I am thankful for ears that can a hear a snoring husband, a sweet baby's laugh and cry, happy screaming children, lovely music and a Prophet's voice.

LJB said...

For the last 12 days I have really been thinking about what I am grateful for! This has been a really hard year for me and a lot of things have changed, especially me! But I must say, as cliche as it sounds, I am most thankful for 3 things. First and foremost, my Savior! Second, my husband and best friend, and third, my children! I, have a story similar to yours, except that when I turned it over to the Lord, I did not get another child, I only got the peace that all is well and to trust. So I move on and love the two beautiful children that I have because I have been blessed beyond measure with those two!
I have also been blessed with so many angels in my life, you being one of them! Thanks for enriching my life! Love ya! Happy Thanksgiving!