October 8, 2009

Three Word Thursday

My. Uncle's. House.
I took a few photographs at my Uncle Kirk and Aunt Julie's house while I was in Utah for his funeral. This home has been the hub of our greater extended family activity for as long as I can remember, from births and baby blessings, to missionaries leaving and new couples beginning married life together, from college kids starting school to married kids without a home, it has housed young people, old people and everyone in between. Entering this house feels like coming home to me. My Uncle's talent, touch and eye for beauty are on every surface and in every room. Being there felt like being with him. And that was a comfort to us all. Enjoy!

A Nelson family tradition - The Ancestral Wall of Fame {blog post on this coming soon}

These beautiful built-ins {by Kirk, of course} house more Nelson family stand-bys . . . books and COLLECTIONS!

Architectural prints, most likely found on Ebay and definitely hand framed by Kirk.

I like to call this puppy "The Showstopper". Every inch hand crafted by Kirk.

The man who was a hero to many of us collected other heroes medals.

This platter of beautifu coral specimens {most likely found at Estate and Garage Sales} is oozing with texture.

Every house needs a bust {is it Socrates or Plato?} for $5 from D.I. What a steal!

What matters most. Framed by Kirk.

He traveled the world and he collected the world.

An example of some of the remarkable furniture restoration and refinishing Kirk did.

And it wouldn't be a Nelson home without the classic bowl of scrabble tiles. Which looks very innocent until . . .

Until you realize how big the bowl is when seen in relation to this little nugget! That's a lot of scrabble!

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mamela said...

there's a lot of personality in that house. glad to have a sneak peak.

Tobi said...

Kirk and Julies house always makes me drool with envy.

Sue said...

I wish I had been born with the Nelson decorating gene! Beautiful!

Apis Melliflora said...
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Apis Melliflora said...

Gorgeous. Beautiful. Heartwarming.

Sue, I'm not sure it's genetic. I think it may be learned. I know I've been taking notes for awhile now. =-)

Lori said...

Beautiful Post Samantha...you truly captured the gifts he shared with all of us...I love the scrabble bowl with little Tessa! So precious!

LJB said...

What beautiful photos and a beautiful home! I think you can tell alot about a person by their home! Looks like Uncle Kirk was a superb man!

starz916 said...

That sure explains where a lot of you get your decoration ideas :) I love it!

Lori Gerten said...

Still sad but knowing you will see him eventually. What a great man!

The Queen Vee said...

I love that I can look and touch every surface of Kirk and Julie's home and feel the presence of Kirk.

Emily said...

I think it is genetic! Wonderful decorators run in your family. Loved seeing touches of your uncle's house. Thanks for sharing them.