October 12, 2009

Handmade Monday . . .

How To Make A Rosette In Six Easy Steps

I don't claim to be a sewer. In fact, I proudly label myself to be a "fauxer". But in my secret little soul of souls, the talent I most long for is to really know how to sew. And sing. And play an instrument. And tap dance. And watercolor. I could go on and on.

I laughed when my friend Sue left a comment asking how to make the little fabric rosette that I put on one of the headbands as if I were some kind of expert seamstress with the secrets of the sewing universe tucked away in my brain. Here, for her {and any of you who want to try it} is a quick tutorial which proves once again, that I am NOT a sewer . . . because it's just that easy!

Step 1: Find a strip of scrap fabric. Mine was 15 inches long and 3 inches wide. You can vary the length and width depending on what size flower and fullness you want.

Step 2: Iron the fabric strip in half.
Step 3: Thread a needle, doubling the thread over and tying it off at the end. Thread color doesn't matter. You won't even see it when you're done.
Step 4: Beginning at the very edge of one end of the strip, sew a wide running stitch the length of the strip.
The fabric will begin to bunch up all by itself as you do you running stitch.
Step 5: When your stitches reach the end, gather the fabric up in a flower by gently tugging on the thread.
Step 6: Cut your needle off and tie off your thread in several knots to secure the rosette.
Hot glue the two ends together, tucking the raw edge to the underside. I suppose you could sew it, but remember, I'm not a sewer, so glue away! When you're done it should look like this:

I glued a button onto this rosette to hide the raw edges.
Then I turned it over and hot glued a barrette on the back so Hannie B. would have another fun hair accessory.
See, it was too simple for an actual sewer, but just perfect for a fauxer! Let me know how your projects turn out!
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Apis Melliflora said...

Picture perfect step by step. Cute fabric too. I'm so glad Hannie B likes being girlie because we get to see all her fabulous fashions and accessories.

Emily said...

Thanks for tutorial! Can't wait to try this.

mamela said...

nice job! a gluer and a seamstress. starting to use that term because sewer looks like what runs under the streets...just took a break from kimono construction...the thing with sheer, silky fabrics is that they don't cut in straight lines and slide all over the sewing maching...cotton handles much better as in your rosette. thanks!

Kasey Hunt said...

thanks for the how to tip.

Sue said...

Score! I even have a hot glue gun and a little travel sewing kit with just enough thread to pull one of these puppies off! Thanks, Dragonfly!

Tobi said...

See but I think you are really a seamstress. Because you have scraps of fabric hanging about your house. I have zip fabric in my abode. A true sign of a non sewer. =)

Sue said...

You should be a hand model.